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Canine Arthritis Treatment

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As we dogs get older, almost all of us will suffer from some form of osteoarthritis.  Also called canine arthritis, this disease involves the deterioration of the cartilage separating the bones within the joint.  This reduces the functionality of the joint, and can cause us dogs stiffness and pain.  In its mild form, this can be very uncomfortable for your dog.  At its most severe, the cartilage can be so worn that there is bone on bone contact, which is very painful. 


Some of the common symptoms of canine arthritis include stiffness in the joints, favouring a limb, difficulty sitting or standing, hesitancycanine arthrits treatment grover pic to jump, as well as decreased activity and lethargy.  If your dog is exhibiting any of these symptoms, there is a good chance he has canine arthritis.


If your dog is afflicted with this ailment, what can you do?  Unfortunately, just like in humans, there are no cures, only treatments.  The treatments usually involve some sort of pain management.  For example, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe some form of medication that can reduce the swelling and discomfort around the joints.  Another off the shelf option that can help both humans and dogs are Glucosamine and Chondoitin .  In theory, these sulphates work by attracting fluids to the joints in the cartilage system.  This helps to repair the damaged joints, and keeps the cartilage destroying enzymes under control.  These also work as a preventative measure by relieving inflammation and reducing the degenerative process.  Another benefit of pain management is that it can help to keep your dog active, which can prevent the arthritis from becoming more severe.


If your dog’s arthritis appears to be even more severe, you should see your veterinarian.  He may prescribe buffered aspirin, food supplements, or ant-flammatory medications.  In extreme cases, he may even recommend surgery,.


For your part, you can help your dog by making sure he is not overweight.  Extra pounds add stress to the joints and can make the effects of arthritis worse.  Always try to keep your dog moderately active.Click here to visit Vet Products Direct


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