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Basic Commands – Come

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The “Come” command is the one command that, if learned well, can potentially save your dog’s life.  When you give this command, you want your dog to stop whatever he is doing and to run towards you as fast as possible.  If your dog is in a potentially dangerous situation (about to be hit by a car, is approaching an aggressive dog or snake), the “Come” command can be used to get him out of it.


The first method to teach your dog the “Come” command will require you getting a small plastic container of some kind. Come Picture Fill this container with some dry kibble.  When you shake the container, you will want to hear the sound it makes, kind of like a rattle.  With your dog sitting in front of you, shake the container and give the command “Grover, Treat!”  (If you use another word for a special treat, like cookie, yum yums, or whatever, use it.  You just want your dog to know that he is about to potentially get something he really likes.)  Give your dog the treat.  What you are trying to establish in your dog’s mind is that the shaker sound and getting the treat are related.  Practice this 2 or three times, once or twice a day.  After 3 days, you will want to change the word “Treat” (or whatever you were using) for the word “Come”.  Perform everything exactly the same.  Have your dog sit in front of you, shake the kibble shaker, give the command “Grover, Come!” and give him the treat.  After doing this for a couple of days, repeat the process, but this time back away a little bit before shaking the shaker and giving the “Grover, Come!” command.  Your dog should come to you.  Give him his treat after you’ve taken a few steps.  The final step, in a week or two, is to shake the shaker and call to him when he is across the room.  If he charges towards you, praise him lavishly and give him his treat.


The second method to teach your dog the “Come” command involves using the leash.  With the leash in one hand and your dog’s favourite treats in the other, have your dog sit in front of you.  Back away a couple of steps and then give the ‘Grover, Come!” command.  If he doesn’t come right away, tug on his leash.  When he does come, make sure you praise him and give him his treat.


I hope you found this article helpful.  Good luck with your training!


- Grover


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