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If your dog spends a lot of time outside, he will need some kind of shelter to protect himself from the heat or cold.  What your dog needs is a doghouse.  Building a doghouse is an easy weekend project for most people, requiring only basic carpentry skills.  If you need free blue prints on how to build a doghouse, you can usually find these at libraries or building supply stores.


If you’re really not the do it yourself type, you can always buy one.  There are some extremely fancy doghouses on the market. Fancy Doghouse Picture You can even find one that has similar architecture to your own home.  Another option is a doghouse made from moulded, high impact plastic.  The advantage here is that they clean easily and do not retain smells.  They also offer no place for fleas to breed, so long as you keep the bedding fresh.


Whatever kind of doghouse you choose to make or get, you will want to make sure that you place it somewhere where your dog is comfortable.  In the winter, you will want to make sure it is protected from the wind.  In the summer, you will want to place it somewhere in the cool shade.


How do you measure the size for a dog house?  Well, you want it to make sure that it fits your dog snugly.  He should be able to stand up and turn around in it, but not much more.  If you make or buy a doghouse that is too large, you’re dog will have a hard time staying warm.


Some other points on dog houses.  Make sure that the entrance is off center.  This will allow your dog to curl up in the opposite corner for warmth.  The doorway should also have some kind of flap in order to keep drafts out.  It is also a good idea for the roof of the dog house to be removable.  This makes cleaning much easier.


I hope you found this information helpful!


- Grover