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This section deals with keeping your dog healthy.  You will find articles here on everything from what kind of food you should feed your dog, to treatment for canine hot spots.  I hope you find them helpful.  As always, if there is a topic that I’ve missed that you would like to see an article on, e-mail me at 




The articles in this section are:



  • Natural vs Commercial Dog Food
    Is there any advantage to feeding your dog natural vs commercial dog food? Opinions vary on the subject. This article attempts to give both sides of the issue.

  • Food That You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog
    Dogs simply cannot consume the same food that humans can. Some foods that are quite safe for people can actually be deadly for your dog! This article outlines food that you shouldn't feed your dog (ever!)

  • All Natural Homemade Dog Treats Recipes
    In this article, Grover shares three of this favorite all natural homemade dog treat recipes. Try them out and see what your dog thinks!

  • Canine Arthritis Treatment
    All dogs are likely to get some form of canine arthritis as they age. This article looks at some possible treatments in order to make life easier for your dog.

  • Canine Cancer and Treatments
    Canine cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental canine death in the USA. If your dog is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed here, you should take him to your vet for treatment immediately.

  • How Do I Drain My Dogs Anal Sacs
    Most people are unaware that their dogs even have anal sacs. This is not a good thing, as your dog might need help draining them from time to time. This article explains how to drain your dogs anal sacs.

  • cure yeast infection dog
    Yeast normally live harmlessly on a dog's skin. However, if conditions change and they multiply, they can make your dog's skin itchy, crutsy, and smelly. This article describes how you can cure yeast infections in your dog.

  • Dog Panniculitis Treatment
    Canine Panniculitis is a condition in which the layer of fat just below a dog's skin becomes inflamed and agitated. This can be extermely uncomfortable for your dog. This article describes the condition as well as possible treatment.

  • Canine Hot Spots Treatments
    Hot spots are a condition that can occur on a dog when its skin looses its natural resistance to bacteria. This article discusses the condition and the possible canine hot spots treatments that are available.