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dog hygiene introduction

I’m ashamed to admit it, but we dog’s need your help.  When it comes to our own health and hygiene, we need assistance to stay in tip top shape!   This section contains articles on some of the most asked questions concerning dog hygiene.  I hope you find them helpful.  If you have any other question, make sure to write me!


The articles in this section are:


Dog Flea Treatment – Fleas can provide a host of problems for your dog.  Aside from being extremely itchy (some dogs are very allergic to them), they also can carry a wide variety of disease.  This article outlines steps you can take to protect your dog from fleas year round.


How to Clean and Remove Dog Urine – Even with the most well trained dog, accidents will happen.  If your dog urinates anywhere where he isn’t supposed to, this article outlines how to properly clean the area.


How to Remove a Tick from a Dog – Like Fleas, Ticks can carry a wide variety of diseases, including Lyme disease.  If you live in Tick country, you should check your dog regularly for Ticks.  This article outlines how they can be safely removed and disposed of.


How to Brush my Dog’s Teeth – A lot of dog owner’s ignore their dog’s teeth, but they really shouldn’t.  Diseased teeth and gums can make chewing a painful experience for your dog, as well as expose him to possible infections.  This article outlines why brushing your dog’s teeth is important, and how to train your dog to like it.


How to Clean a Dog’s Ears – This is pretty straightforward.  This article outlines how to clean a dog’s ears.


How to Control Excessive Shedding by a Dog – There are many qualities that people love about their dogs.  However, their ability to shed on anything and anyone is not one of them.  This article outlines what can be done to control excessive shedding by a dog.


How to Remove Skunk Odor from Dogs – If your dog meets a skunk, it’s a good bet he’s not going to smell too good.  You will want to remove the stench as quickly as possible.  This article tells you how.


I hope you find these articles useful!


- Grover