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Dog Panniculitis Treatment

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Dog panniculitis is a condition in which the layer of fat just underneath a dog’s skin becomes inflamed.  This can result in small, inflamed nodules which protrude through the skin.  Panniculitis can be caused by any factor that irritates the fat layer.  This can include reaction to a shot, trauma, impairment of the blood supply, immune disorders and bacterial or fungal infection.  Although all breeds as susceptible, dachshunds are the most vulnerable.  Dog panniculitis has no age or sex predisposition.


The symptoms of dog panniculitis are reddened, firm, painful nodules under the skin.  They are usually solitary, but can appear in groups.  The nodules can appear anywhere, but they most likely manifest themselves on the abdomen, chest, neck, and footpads.  Treatment often involves the surgical removal of the nodules.  An antibiotic or antifungal medication may be necessary as well.  Regardless, you will need to consult with a veterinarian.  The prognosis for recovery is high if the underlying cause of the panniculitis has been corrected.


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