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Dog Toy Information

 Dog Toy Information

Every dog needs toys.  Not only can they keep your dog occupied when you cannot, they can give you something to do with your dog that’s fun.  Below is an overview of the types of toys you can buy for your dog.


Some toys, called “chewies’, are designed to encourage your dog to chew on them.  These are particularly popular with young dogs that are teething.  One of the most popular chewie toys on the market is the Kong, which is made of rubber and looks a little like a snowman.  Kong’s are impossible to destroy, and they bounce oddly of the ground, which dogs love.  If you decide to get one, make sure it’s big enough so that your dog doesn’t swallow it. The first time you give it to your dog, you may wantDog Toy Picture (the Kong) to stuff it with some peanut butter or soft cheese.  If you do this, your dog will take to his Kong right away. 


Rope chews are another popular chewie toy.  These are usually a short, thick rope with a rubber ball in the middle.  The problem with this for some trainers is that the frayed rope is a little too similar to things you don’t want your dog to chew on, like carpet.  Nonetheless, rope chews are popular toys.


The Buster Cube can keep a dog occupied for hours.  Basically a five inch plastic square, you can fill the buster cube with food.  When your dog knocks it around, food will come out.  It is also possible to set the cube so that either a little or a lot of food will be released.


Most stores also offer edible chews, like pigs ears and snouts.  Although dogs love these as well, you should be careful.  These natural chews can be brittle and you don’t want your dog swallowing the smaller pieces.  Watch his stools.  If you see any blood, or if your dog simply stops passing stools, he should be taken to a veterinarian immediately.


The second category of dog toys are squeakies.  These are typically plush or plastic toys that make a noise when squeezed.  The only problem with these toys is that some dogs love to tear into them to get to and “kill” the squeaker.  If your dog does tear into it, you don’t want him swallowing the small pieces.  It can also get expensive if your dog wants the squeaker toy replaced every time he destroys one.  It’s your call on this one.


The third category of dog toys are “Fetchies”, such as flying disks or tennis balls.  With flying disks, you are better off buying fabric disks for your dog.  The reason for this is that hard plastic disks, like Frisbees, can potentially cut your dog’s tongue.  As well, it is best to keep the throws low when playing with your dog.  Although it may look spectacular when your dog jumps and twists in the air to make a catch, it can be very hard on his body when he lands.  Try and keep the jumping to a minimum.  With tennis balls, never let your dog play with one unattended.  They can easily pop into his mouth and cut off his air supply.  Tennis balls are great to play fetch with, but put them away whenClick here to go to Vet Products Direct you’re done.


I hope you found the above helpful!


- Grover


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