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Basic Commands – Heel

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When you give the “Heel” command, you want your dog to walk closely by you on your left hand side.  His neck and shoulder should stay next to your left leg, no matter what you do.  If you walk fast, jog, or zig zag through a crowd, your dog should maintain his “Heel” position.


Learning to properly “Heel” requires a tremendous amount of concentration on your dog’s part.  Before you even attempt to teach this command, your dog should be performing the “Watch Me” command successfully for at least several weeks.  In addition, he should be able to perform the “Let’s go”Heel Command Picture command for at least two weeks.


In order to teach your dog the “Heel” command, start with your dog’s leash in one hand, and doggy treats in the other.  Give the let’s go command first.  “Grover, Let’s Go!”  Start to back away from him.  Let him catch up to you.  When he does, turn to face in the same direction as he is.  Let him get to your left side.  Walk forward together as you show him the treat.  At this moment, give the command “Grover, Heel.”  Walk for a few steps, then have him sit. Give him his treat and praise him.  You will want to repeat this process several times.  When your dog can handle it, make it challenging by turning, walking fast, walking slowly, and going in different directions.  Always start with the “Let’s Go” command first.  When your puppy arrives at your left side, give the ‘Heal” command and walk forward.


The second training method uses the snap and release leash training correction.  Start with your puppy on your left.  Hold the leash in your left hand, the treats in the right.  Show your dog the treat, then issue the watch me command, “Grover, Watch Me.  While he’s watching you, give the heel command, “Grover, Heel”, and start to walk forward.  If he pulls ahead of you, use the snap and release correction method along with a verbal “Acccckk!  No Pull!”  If he slows down and returns to your side, praise him.  If he stays by your side for a few steps, give him a treat.  As this training does require concentration, keep he sessions short and upbeat.  Always praise him when he succeeds.


When you take your dog for a walk, practice the heel command.  However, never make him heel the whole way.  Alternate between “Let’s Go” and the two training methods for “Heel”.  The goal is for your dog to learn to respect the leash and that it is never OK for him to pull on it.


The “Heel” command is one of the tougher commands to learn.  However, with practice, I’m sure your dog will master it.  Good Luck!




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