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How Do I Drain My Dogs Anal Sacs?

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The anal sacs of a dog are two small organs that are located just below the skin on either side of the anus.  Their purpose is to produce a scent that is unique to each dog.  This scent can be used to identify each other (this is why dogs often sniff each others butts), as well as mark a dog’s territory.  Other animals, such as skunks, can even use their anal glands as a form of self defence.


The problem for dogs, however, is that as domestic animals they have largely lost the ability to empty their anal sacs voluntarily.  Most dogs emptyHow do I drain my dogs anal sacs tip them by the acts of walking around and defecation.  However, if this doesn’t work for any reason, the anal sacs will become engorged and bloated.   This can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog.  If they become infected or impacted, your dog will need medical attention.


If your dog cannot empty his anal sacs, you will have to do it for him.  The best time to do it is when you are bathing your dog.  When both your dog and your hands are all sudsy, grab the outside of each gland with your thumb and forefinger.  Located on either side of the anus just below the skin, you should feel them as small lumps.  Squeeze your fingers inward and together.  You should be rewarded with a pussy, messy, smelly mess.  Rinse your hands and your dog thoroughly.


If your dog cries out when you do this, call a veterinarian.  If you can’t stand doing this job yourself, you should be able to get your veterinarian or dog groomer to do it for you (you can expect to pay extra for this service, however).  Another option you might want to try is to increase the amount of fibre in your dog’s diet.  The firmer stools this should produce should prove more effective in emptying the sacs by themselves.