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How Do I Stop a Dog from Jumping on People

how do I stop a dog from jumping


Why do dogs so often want to jump up on people when they first meet them?  Would you believe we are just trying to be friendly?  When dogs meet each other, we sniff each other and touch noses.  However, as humans stand on two legs, if a dog wants to touch your nose, he has to jump!  I understand this can be a problem, particularly if the human is unsteady on their feet.  If you want to teach your dog to not jump on people when he meets them (and most likely you do), consistent training is once again the key.


If your puppy looks like he wants to jump, try and pre-empt this by giving the “sit” command.  Praise him generously if he does so.  This should teach him that he can get praise and attention by sitting, so that he doesn’t need to jump.  If, however, he still jumps on you, grab his paws and give them a squeeze.  Give the command “Off!”, then start to lower the dog’s front paws to the ground.  Give the “Sit” command, and praise him for following this command. 


The above will work in order to prevent your puppy from jumping on you.  You may need to do some further trainingfun dog jumping to prevent him from jumping on other people.  If so, put your dog on a leash and invite someone over.  Give the “Sit” command when your guest enters.  If your dog attempts to jump on your guest, quickly snap the leash back, and then give a command like “OFF!” or “Acccck!  No Jump!”.  Give the “Sit” command.  If your puppy sits, allow your guest to pet him.


If you follow these training guidelines, you should be able to train your dog to not jump on people.  However, I would suggest you start training your dog in this as a puppy.  It is far easier to teach a 20 pound dog than an 80 pound one.


- Grover


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