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How to Clean a Dogs Ears

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The good news about cleaning your dog’s ears is that it is MUCH easier than cutting his nails or brushing his teeth.  There is little chance of making your dog bleed, and your dog will usually put up little to no resistance against your efforts.  In order to clean your dog’s ears, you will need the following items:


1)      cotton balls

2)      a bottle of witch hazel, alcohol, or a commercial ear cleaning solution.


Wet the cotton balls in whatever cleaning product you are using.  Wring it out so that the cotton ball is merely damp, as opposed to dripping.  Have your dog lie down on your lap, distracted by a treat, if needed.  Lift his ear flap and gently wipe his ear.  Clean all the folds and creases that you see. Do not go deep into the ear canal.  Cleaning the easily reachable areas is fine.


How often you need to clean your dog’s ears really depends on the dog.  As a general rule of thumb though, once a week is probably enough.


I hope you found this article useful!


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