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How to Clean and Remove Dog Urine

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No matter how well trained your dog is, once in a while, accidents will happen.  You’ll come home from work and find a damp yellow spot somewhere on your carpet.  When this happens, what should you do?


When accidents happen, you should clean the area thoroughly.  Dogs are attracted to the urine smell of past accidents, so you will want to clean the area before it soaks through to the carpet padding.  If you try and use common household cleaning products, make sure you use some that are non ammonia based.  As ammonia is a by product of decomposing urine, cleaning products that use ammonia will attract dogs in the future.  You are far better off to use a specially designed commercially available dog urine cleaning product.  There are cleaning liquids which contain special enzymes that break down waste and neutralize odor.  Crystallized products work well too, as they can absorb the liquid, which allowing you to vacuum them up later.


If you are in a pinch and wish to try a home made recipe, try this.  Combine 1 quart of hot faucet water with one teaspoon of ivory and one teaspoongrover's dog urine confession of white wine vinegar (the vinegar neutralizes the odor and dogs don’t like the smell of it).  Blot the urine soaked area with paper towels to soak up as much dog urine as possible.  Next, cover the area with the homemade cleaning mixture. Don’t soak it, but make sure the area is covered.  Let it sit for 15 minutes.  Then, blot it again with paper towels and spray the area with a disinfectant spray.


Another dog urine cleaning tip is to make sure that you clean old stains that you might no longer be able to see or smell.  Why is this important?  Even though you can’t see or smell the areas, your dog might be able to.  To find these areas, shine a black light onto your carpet.  This will reveal any old accident spots that you might not be aware off.  Clean this area thoroughly using one of the methods listed above.


How to Stop Yellow Spots on Grass from Dog Urine


Another common area of frustration among dog owners is how to prevent the yellow spots on their lawn that dog urine can produce.  Your first line of defence against this is proper housetraining.  You want to train your dog to relieve himself outside in an area that you designate, preferably an area of sand, dirt, or gravel.  Flush the area thoroughly with water once your pooch is done and the feces have been removed.


Some people like to feed their dog extra salt in the hope that this will make their dog thirsty, thereby causing him to drink more water.  More water equals diluted urine which means less noticeable yellow spots (in theory).  I’m not sure how well this works, but there you go.  It seems to work for some people.


Another final strategy to fight those pesky yellow spots is to actually grow some fresh sod in an out of the way place.  Then, perhaps once week, cut out the yellow spots from your lawn and replace it with the fresh sod.  This will definitely work, although I still think proper training is the way to go.Click here to go to Vet Products Direct


Hope this helps!


- Grover


PS Vet Products Direct has several products for cleaning dog urine, as well as products designed to keep dogs from urinating in your garden or lawn.  Click here to go to their site and search for "dog urine".