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How to Introduce Cats and Dogs

How to Introduce Cats and Dogs


The truth is, cats and dogs can live together.  We dogs don’t hate cats at all.  We just love to play with them, and in particular, we love to chase them!  Typically, however, cats don’t appreciate this, and this gets us into trouble.  Your job as both a cat and dog owner is to teach your puppy or dog to respect cats, and not to chase them.  This can be difficult, particularly if the cat is annoying, but here’s what you do.


When you introduce your dog to your cat for the first time, make sure your dog is on  a leash.  If your dog acts like he wishes to chase the cat, correct him by commanding him to “sit” or “stay”.  You want your dog to get used to the idea that just because he is in the same room as the cat, he shouldn’t chase him.  If you are in any doubt as to your dogs motives (the urge to chase a cat can be pretty strong!) keep the leash on him.  If your dog takes off in hot pursuit of the cat, grab the leash and use your “sit” or “stay” commands.


cats and dogs can be friendsAnother good thing to do is to pet your cat in your lap while your dog is in the same room.  While you are petting the cat, you control your dog with the “sit” and “stay” commands.  By doing this, the little fur ball knows that it’s loved, and the dog learns to leave him alone.


The other factor that you need to consider is that cats, being somewhat paranoid and insane (in my opinion),  can take a long time to get used to a dog.  You should have at least one room in your house where the cat can go, but the dog is not allowed.  This room should contain the cat’s food, as well as its litter box.  This benefits the cat as he should feel absolutely secure in his environment when he is eating.  This also benefits the dog as dogs often think cat dropping are doggy treats.  Some dogs (not me, however) like to eat them!  Needless to say, this is not healthy, but a lot of dogs can’t help themselves.  Keep the cat box away from them, and don’t tempt them.




Good Luck!


-         Grover


PS If you do have the room to put the cat food and litter box in their own room, try and make this change before you bring in the dog.  Cats are skittish creatures, and the less change that happens in their environment at any one time, the better.


PPS Curious why some dogs (again, not me!) consider cat feces to be doggy treats?  Well, cats are true carnivores, and often try and consume the whole prey of everything they catch.  This includes skin, small bones, meat, and guts.  Plus, most cat food contains grain and grain products, which cats cannot fully digest.  The net result of this is that there is a lot of partially digested food in cat feces, and lots of dogs (not me!) think this is a great treat.  Again, don’t tempt them.  Hide the cat box from your dog.