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Basic Commands – Let’s Go!

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The “Let’s Go” command is supposed to signal to your dog to come with you, but to pay attention to you as he does so.  He should remain close to you, and not try to run off in front of you, tugging on your leash.  The idea is that you want to train him to respect the leash and not to fight it.


The first method you can use to train the “Let’s Go” command involves a leash, a treat, and your dog sitting.  With your dogLet's Go command picture sitting in front of you, give the command “Grover, Let’s go!”  Start to back away from him.  If he watches you, praise him.  If he follows you, praise him even more and give him a treat.  If, on the other hand, he sniffs the ground, looks away, or tries to go away from you, give a quick snap and release with the leash along with a negative sound like “Ackkkk!”  Your puppy should figure out what you expect of him in short order.


The second method still uses a leash, but takes a slightly different approach.  With your dog’s leash in one hand, give the command for “Grover, Let’s Go”.  Start to walk in one direction.  If your dog runs ahead of you, don’t say anything.  Simple turn around in the opposite way your dog has gone, and continue walking.  Your dog will reach the end of his leash quickly. When he does so, act surprised.  “Wow!  What happened!”  After a brief pause to demonstrate your astonishment, continue walking.  If your dog again runs ahead of you, reverse course, and again act surprised when your dog reaches the end of his leash.  Keep doing this.  In short order, your puppy should figure out to pay attention to where you are walking at all times.  He’ll learn to respect the leash, and not to assume anything about the direction you’re walking.


The “Let’s Go” command is a pretty easy command to teach your dog.  I hope you found this helpful!




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