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Basic Commands – Lie Down

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The lie down command is another useful command for both public and private situations.  The primary benefit is that it can be used to calm your dog down.  For example, you can have him lie down when you are eating a meal so that he is not begging.  If you have guests over, you can have him lie down while you are talking to them.  This is very much preferable to the alternative, which is having your excited dog (most dogs do get excited around new people) jump up on them, knocking their drinks over.  If you are working on something or watching TV, you can give your dog a chew toy to keep him occupied while he lies down beside you.  Again, the lie down command isLie Down Picture great for keeping your dog calm in situations in which he might otherwise be excitable.


You would be wise to use the complete phrase “Grover, lie down” as a command, rather than just “Grover, down”.  Down by itself can be used in too many other situations (for example, if he jumps on your furniture).  When you are training your dog or puppy, it is important that each command you give has only one clear meaning.


The first method to try is to have your dog sit down beside you.  Then, pull out a treat and hold it in front of his nose.  Give your command (“Grover, lie down”) and then lead his nose with the treat to the floor.  If he lies down, praise him and give him the treat.


If the first method doesn’t work for whatever reason, try this.  With your dog sitting next to you, give the command “Grover, lie down”.  Using both hands, scoop up your dog’s front legs and lay them in front of him.  When you have him in a lying down position, praise him and give him a treat.


That’s about it!  There’s really not much to the lie down command.  I hope you found this useful!




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