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This section contains articles that I found on the internet.  Althoug I didnt' write them myself, they still contain useful information that may help you.  I hope you like them!

- Grover

The Articles In This Section Are:

  • A Dog's Nature
    This article explains some of the common behaviours that all dogs share. Understaniding these drives is the key to understanding and training your dog.

  • Electronic Fences - Pros and Cons
    Electronic fences can be expensive, but are useful for those who don't want to or can't erect a regular fence. However, there are downsides to electronic fences, which this article details.

  • Finding A Trainer
    If you feel as a dog owner that you lack the time, patience, or energy to properly train your dog, finding a good trainer is important. This article descirbes some of the attributes you should be looking for in a dog trainer

  • Pet Trick Training
    This article describes the basics of pet trick training. The most basic rule is to work with your dog's nature, not against it. This article tells you how.

  • Your Dog Around Horses
    Although horses are much larger than dogs (most of the time), it is the horses who are usually fearful of the dogs. If you are going to have your dog around horses, you need to train them both so that they get along.