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How To Cure Yeast Infections In Dogs

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Yeast are spore like forms of fungi that normally live harmlessly on a dog’s skin, ears, and anal glands.  However, if conditions on the skin change the yeast can multiply to unmanageable levels.  On your dog this might first appear as an itchy rash.  If left unchecked the yeast will continue to multiply until your dog’s skin becomes itchy, crusty, and smelly, almost like an elephants.  Although yeast infections are not contagious, they can incubate other diseases if left unchecked.


What conditions can lead to an outbreak of yeast infection on a dog’s skin?  One of them is a sudden increase in skin oils, perhaps brought on bycure yeast infection dog picture allergies.  Another possible cause is that your dog is simply sick, and his immune system has been compromised.  The systems that normally keep the yeast in check are unable to, which leads to a general yeast infection.  A third possibility is that your dog has seborrhea, which means that he is naturally predisposed to excessive oil production. 


If for whatever reason your dog does have a yeast infection, what can you do about it?  If the yeast infection is not that severe, most people try a topical treatment of some sort, like a shampoo.  You can buy anti-yeast shampoo’s that strip the skin of oil and kill the yeast.  It is also possible to buy spot treatments that can be applied to a small area so that you don’t have to bathe the entire animal.  If the area is small enough, sometimes a mixture of water and vinegar may be enough.Click here to go to Vet Products Direct


If the infection is severe, oral medications will have to be used as well.  These can be expense, but they are the only alternative if the cheaper topical solutions prove insufficient.  You would need to consult with your veterinarian about this.




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